Gear Review: Mooney Farms Bella Sun Lucí Sun-Dried Julienne-Cut Tomatoes

These sun-dried tomatoes from Mooney Farms are great on-the-go or to add flavor to a meal.

Healthy, flavorful, and trail-meal-elevating, these moist, sun-dried strips of herb-spiked tomato were a hit with testers, who reached into resealable, 3.5-ounce-packets (enough to spice up a half-dozen meals) for on-the-go snacks and to top everything from sandwiches to soups to breakfast burritos.

“Dried fruit was already a trail staple, but now I’m a dried-veggie convert,” says one tester who adds that his favorites are the Italian Basil and Greek Oregano varieties. “They’re a flavorful and fiber-adding meal mix-in that’s not a calorie bomb like traditional choices.” Warning: The Zesty Pepper flavor is too spicy to eat straight; add it to bland meals. $3; 4.2 oz.;