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Gear Review: Mammut TR1 Headlamp/Ambient Light Set

A headlamp and mini lantern in one.


There’s always a headlamp in my pack, but I often hesitate to carry a mini-lantern for nighttime tent games and lounging. This smart combo solves the problem. It’s a bright (four LED) headlamp that burns for up to 60 hours on three AAAs. The beam swivels up and down and three settings let me cast a bright beam for navigation, a mellower one for camp chores, and a flashing signal for emergencies. But it’s the simple plastic diffuser (see second photo above) that makes this headlamp ultraversatile. Just snap the cone over the housing, hang it from a ceiling loop, and your tent is filled with a cozy, ambient glow—perfect for a rummy tournament.

Best For

Ounce-counting campers who don’t want to sacrifice their lanterns

Tester Data

Kristin Hostetter

Duration March to May.

Locales/conditions VT, NH, Norway; long, cold, tentbound nights