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Gear Review: Mammut Alpine Underwear Long All Year

You'll be feeling just right below the waist with this intricatly fitted long underwear.

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These immaculately cut light/midweight tights stand out for both performance and fit, thanks to their 10-panel construction with three separate fabrics (all with silver-ion anti-stink treatment). The panels are body-mapped for optimal performance: a thicker polyester/merino blend in the thighs and calves for warmth, a thinner polyester/merino blend in the butt and outer thighs for better breathability, and thin 100-percent polyester in the crotch and knee pits for maximum ventilation and moisture movement. “They’re total Goldilocks tights, not too hot, not too cold, just right—and not smelly at all,” says one tester who used them for running and skiing under hardshells and softshells in temps from 0° to 40°F. The contouring of the panels creates a great fit that doesn’t inhibit motion despite the lack of fabric stretch, while a high-rise back panel staved off plumber’s butt even during high-step kickturns. Our samples never frayed despite months of near-daily wear. $65; 6.7 oz.; m’s S-XXL, w’s XXS-XL;