Gear Review: Mammut 10.0 Sensor Rope

Feel secure with this Mammut rope with built-in safety features.

[smart rope]

Ropes don’t come with built-in safety features. Until now. Mammut’s BiCo Sense technology revolutionizes what we expect from our lifelines. BiCo Sense uses thicker and differently colored yarns to mark a few meters in the rope’s center and at each end. This creates visual and tactile cues that give rappellers and belayers a heads-up when they’re reaching the middle or end, which will hopefully prevent the all-too-common accident of being lowered or rappelling off the end.

Plus, this rope stood up to plenty of abuse, with a 10-mm diameter that’s thin enough to flow smoothly through all belay devices, but durable enough for top-roping and heavy rock abrasion. $280 (60 meters) and $300 (70 meters); 67g/m (8.9 lbs. for 60m);