Gear Review: Magellan iPhone ToughCase

A waterproof case that doesn't render your iPhone useless.


“Yes, it’s bulky and heavy. But so what? If you’re taking your iPhone out into crap conditions and want to use it for GPS or photo and video, the Magellan iPhone ToughCase lets you do it with total confidence and convenience,” says our tester, who found it invaluable on a soggy kayaking trip in New Zealand.

The waterproof case lets you use the touchscreen, microphone, hard buttons, and jacks; plus, it boosts antenna performance (with a built-in GPS chipset that improves reception accuracy to 10-15 feet) and battery life (the case’s own battery doubles the phone’s power reserve). You’ll pay a premium for such features and weather protection—but it’s still a lot cheaper than replacing a waterlogged iPhone. $180; 7.5 oz.;

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