Gear Review: Magellan eXplorist GC

Geocaching just got easier with this palm-size GPS unit.

You wouldn’t carry an expedition-size pack on a dayhike. And now you don’t have to use a hiking-specific GPS for geocaching. The eXplorist GC works seamlessly with to give treasure hunters a quick and comprehensive resource for finding the million-plus active caches around the world. Even better: You don’t have to be a veteran.

The GC is a beginner’s dream, with a four-button design and intuitive menu navigation. After searching for a cache using the site’s zip-code finder, our novice sent the coordinates to the unit with one click, followed the green course line to a nearby park, then zeroed in on the prize using the colored basemaps and icons. The palm-size unit stores up to 10,000 geocaches, 500 waypoints, and a 5,000-point tracklog.

Caveat: No topo maps for backcountry caches, and the standard compass only shows accurate directions when you’re walking. $200; 6 oz.;