Gear Review: Lodge Logic Deep Dutch Oven

Cook almost anything in this burly outdoor oven.

Bake It

Lasagna. Rack of lamb. Pineapple upside-down cake. Or plain old franks and beans. We cooked them all, and our testers believe there is no limit to what you can whip up inside this hefty, cowboy-style cauldron. The technique is brilliantly simple (and clearly explained in the 64-page cookbook that comes with it). First, build a fire with two layers of charcoal. Let the briquettes burn until they're ash-covered, then set the footed pot on a single layer of coals for concentrated bottom heat.

To bake, set the rest of the coals on the lid for surround-sound heat. "I can't believe you made that out here," mumbled one diner between mouthfuls of a steaming, spicy gingerbread while camped near the Wild River in Maine. The ovens come in 1- to 12-quart sizes (our favorite is the 8), but only the "Camp Dutch Oven" models have feet. $44-175; heavy as hell (21 lbs.);