Gear Review: Kelty Lumapivot - Backpacker

Gear Review: Kelty Lumapivot

A bright LED lantern that's perfect for car camping.

“Looks like the Hubble, lights up like the sun,” said one tester after using this lantern on a long car-camping weekend in Colorado’s Mt. Evans Wilderness. Credit the dual 15-LED panels (use one or both), which swivel to light up entire picnic tables or big four-person tents. “It’s so bright that it’s best if you point the panels at the tent walls for indirect light,” says a tester who used the Lumapivot on a paddle trip in Minnesota.

The good: It takes up less space and is lighter than a typical cylindrical car-camping light.

The bad: The bluish light feels chilly. Batteries: six AAs.


1 lb. 4.7 oz