Gear Review: K2 Coomback/Gotback Skis

A one-ski workhorse.

[most versatile]

Want a ski that’ll float through powder, destroy crud, wiggle between tight trees, and arc a wide variety of both inbounds and out-of-bounds turns—all for a slight weight gain over the Drift and Manaslu? The Coomback (or the women’s Gotback) is your one-ski workhorse. Our testers loved both versions for their substantial sidecut (great for easy turn initiation) and tip rocker, which arcs the ski tip off the snow, increasing float and eliminating grab in windblown conditions.

All praised the ’Backs’ soft flex, stable platform, and superior performance in conditions ranging from boot-top powder to no-fall ice. “The most forgiving ski in our test!” exclaimed one tester after gunning the Gotback down a sun-baked bowl on a Colorado cat-ski trip. “Even when I got too far back, the ski felt like it corrected my mistakes for me.” The Gotback’s girth could be a tad too fat for skiers who spend time in bumps, but if you’re taking this ski where it was designed to go, you’re not going to find many moguls.

Bonus: Pluggable climbing-skin attachment holes in the tip and tail also accommodate carabiners or webbing for a simple rescue sled or deadman anchor. Pair with K2’s precut Z Clip Skins ($190). $825; Coomback: 7 lbs. 14 oz. (174cm); 167cm, 174cm, 181cm, 188cm; Gotback: ; 7 lbs. 8 oz. (160cm); 146cm, 153cm, 160cm, 167cm, 174cm (135/102/121 for all);