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Gear Review: Julbo Bivouak Glacier Glasses

Block the glacial glare with these stylish Julbo shades.

These glacier glasses deliver full protection from reflected sunlight–without the bug-eyed look that's typical of snow specs. The stylish looks come courtesy of magnetic side shields that snap away for off-snow hiking, but reattach instantly to block the UV burn that will wear your eyes out during long days on snowy or glaciated peaks. Two air vents cut into the top corner of each lens and an anti-fog coating kept the Bivouaks from steaming up during a warm June climb of Mt. Rainier, and flexible earpieces let you customize the glasses for a secure, comfortable fit.

The polarized Camel lens has a filter that blocks a higher level of reflected UV, which eliminated glare and reduced eye strain on snowfields in Colorado's Zirkel Wilderness. And because the lenses are also photochromic (they darken in response to intense, high-altitude sunlight), testers rarely had to squint, even at 14,000 feet. $190; 1.6 oz.;