Gear Review: Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity HPI Trail Runner

A trail runner that's light but stable

Ultralight shoes sacrifice stability to cut weight, which can increase the risk of joint sprains for some runners. The Infinity is light, but built more like a traditional trail runner: TPU overlays reinforce the seamless upper, keeping testers’ feet stable on uneven terrain.

Testers raved about next-to-foot comfort, thanks to the fuzzy microfiber lining (which gives you the option to run sockless) and the excellent breathability of the micromesh upper. Fit runs average to a bit wide, and extra toebox room accommodates swelling. Traction is solid on all surfaces—dry and wet—but testers wished for a pronounced heel brake for downhill traction and slightly deeper toe lugs for powering uphill. $155; 1 lb. 4 oz. (w’s 9); m’s 7-13, w’s 5-11;