Gear Review: Hestra Spring Ergo Grip Glove

The perfect spring skiing glove.

[versatile lightweight]

Problem: High-output aerobic activity through erratic weather often leaves hands moist from the elements or sweat (and moisture is the enemy of warm). Solution: the Spring Ergo Grip. Through winter skate skiing sessions and an especially sunny spring skiing season, our tester’s hands never got wet. “Reliable weatherproofing and top-notch wicking allowed me to wear these gloves in such a wide array of conditions that these actually replaced two other pairs of gloves,” she says. An impregnated cowhide outer is the first line of defense (and it’s tactile enough to work zippers), while a proprietary membrane protects on the wettest days. A Velcro closure seals the wrist, and a brushed polyester lining provides next-to-skin warmth and wicking. “They’re my new gold standard for spring touring.” Gut check: cost. $160; 5 oz.; (unisex XS-XXL);