Gear Review: Helle Dokka Knife

You'll never have to buy another knife after the 3.3-inch triple-laminated Helle Dokka.


Before you scoff at its hefty price, consider that buying the hand-crafted Norwegian-made Dokka will save you money in the long run because you’ll never have to buy another knife. The 3.3-inch triple-laminated blade (a hard, high-alloy steel core for a lasting edge with two layers of tough stainless steel to prevent corrosion) is so durable that it stayed sharp through months of carving sticks for fires, cutting up fish, chipping ice, and mincing garlic and onions. The 4.6-inch curly birch handle is not just gorgeous; it feels like it was custom-molded to my hand and gave me unwavering control and accuracy. The blade folds into its handle for a convenient carry (leather pouch included). $154; 4.7 oz. (without pouch);

Best For

Outdoor enthusiasts who are willing to invest in craftsmanship and durability

Tester Data

» Cameron Martindell

» Duration Aug. to Dec.

» Locales/conditions CA, CO, UT, Switzerland

» “The blade has a slight drop-point shape, which is known for its inherent tip strength, while the wide belly makes for efficient slicing and dicing.”