Gear Review: GSI DukJug Bottle

This better bottle survives freezing temps, doesn't absorb food smells, and can take a beating.


Upgrade your bottle: This one is made of BPA-free polypropylene, a slightly flexible, rugged material that survived a series of freeze-thaw cycles during winter testing. And it didn't absorb the smell of tabouli when we used it to rehydrate lunch.

The lid is slightly teardrop shaped, making it easy to leverage open, even when it's frozen. And the lid is attached to the bottle via a thin cord, which swivels freely (unlike plastic lid leashes). Bonus: A beltlike indentation around the middle stores six-plus feet of duct tape (you provide), and a rubber sheath protects the tape from peeling and yields a slip-free grip. Comes in two sizes (.75 and 1 liter), as well as a stainless steel version. $8-$9; 6.4 oz. (1 liter);