Gear Review: Grivel Quantum Tech Ice Climbing Tool for Women

A tool that's light and easy to swing and fits a woman's hand.

“These tools are so light and easy to swing, they transformed my climbing,” says a tester who spent three days climbing aerated ice at Colorado’s Ouray Ice Park. “They sank in perfectly almost every time.” The keys: size and weight. At just more than pound each (up to 25 percent lighter than comparable models, thanks to the carbon composite shaft), their extra-small grip is one of the thinnest made.

“Finally, a tool that fit my hand so well I could climb steeper, longer routes before my forearms started to burn,” says another tester. The Quantum Tech was also a breeze to remove from sticky placements. Gripe: The tool lacks a higher grip on the shaft to allow choking up for extra reach or switching hands, but you can easily add an optional Trigger grip($20).


1 lb. 2 oz. available w/hammer or adze