Gear Review: Gordini Virve

See in any lighting with these interchangeable lens goggles.

“Swapping the lenses is so easy, I actually do it,” raves our tester, who’d previously sworn off interchangeables because of the hassle factor. The Virve changed his mind: To pop out the lens, twist the frame while pressing on two side tabs. Then just snap in a new one. Each pair comes with two options: a gold low-light lens, and a mirrored one (in clear or gray gradient, your choice) for bluebird days. Clarity and definition are excellent with both. And even though they’re not polarized, in dull light testers could discern subtle changes in snow, which helped them steer around nasty snow patches and anticipate a rough ride over sastrugi in Colorado’s Elk Mountains. A row of vents on top of the frame sucks dry air in to prevent fogging. But peripheral vision is limited, and the frame doesn’t fit small faces. $110; 5.5 oz.;