Gear Review: Gerber Dime - Backpacker

Gear Review: Gerber Dime

A 10-piece multitool that weighs only 2.3 oz.


Pack only a blade, and you’re left wanting when it comes time to adjust a crampon or fix a sputtering stove. Pack a multitool, and you’re often left scowling at unused (and heavy!) Allen wrenches, leather punches, and can openers. Nice middle ground: the Dime, which weighs just 2.3 ounces and packs 10 tools. Eight of them came in handy on spring trips into the Colorado high country (didn’t use the wire-cutter or file, but those are integrated into other tools, so there was no weight penalty anyway). Top perk: You get both scissors and pliers. Most similar tools include only one or the other.


Weight-conscious tinkerers


> Shannon Davis

> Duration Oct. to May

> Locales CO

> “This is my go-to tool for any trip where spreading peanut butter is not a priority—the blade is only 1.5 inches.”


> Weight 2.3 oz.

> Price $20