Gear Review: Fenix HL30

Fenix HL30
Price $45.00


Lumens 200
Battery Life 2:05:00


Weight 4 oz

At 4.4 lumens per dollar, this light gives you the most beam for your buck. The HL30 is also the lightest headlamp we tested, and yet it felt the most durable, thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum components (all the others use plastic). “The third, over-the-head strap ensured the lamp stayed firmly in place, even during evening trail runs over Utah slickrock,” reports one tester. $45; 4 oz.; IPX6; 2 AAs; 200 lumens;

Tester Note: 

Quinton Brown: Overall I think this light is a great light. It’s easy to navigate through the settings, the distance of the beam is solid, and my peripheral vision was good with this light.
Nick Kozel:I didn’t really like the two-button setup, but this light got the job done. The third over the head strap kept it totally secure, which was great while trail running on some Utah slickrock trails.
Bridger Kroenke:Robust and dependable, thanks to a solid build and aircraft-grade aluminum. I got a little lost with the two buttons to start with, but appreciated them once I got the hang of it.
Ben Morrissey:Great dim settings, so I didn’t blind my friends. The red mode was a little faint for my liking, but that also meant it did a great job of preserving my night vision.
Tim Schermerhorn:I liked the durability, but was not a fan of the over-the-head strap. I just found it unnecessary for what I was doing (mainly just camping).