Gear Review: Darn Tough True Seamless Mesh Socks

A seamless sock that's blister proof.

This company is so confident of its seamless construction that it purchased a slew of the special Italian knitting machines used to sew these socks. Instead of stitching on the toe with an extra thread of fabric (and creating a seam that has the potential to rub and unravel), DT knits the toebox threads with the end of the body sock, seamlessly merging the two pieces into one.

One tester was impressed when her feet emerged unscathed after a fast, rocky, downhill trail run that would usually leave her with hot spots or bloody toes. Later, she paired them with cycling shoes for 20 dirty, dusty miles of singletrack on a 70°F day in Bend, OR. Afterwards, her feet were filthy, but blissfully blister-free.

Bonus: Despite their light weight and high mesh content (great for breathability; bad for dirt resistance), these socks have handled months of washing and wearing. Double bonus: Like all DT models, you get a money-back guarantee.

$16 (merino)

$15 (CoolMax)

1.7 oz. (w’s M)