Gear Review: Darn Tough 1/4 Length Cushion Hiking Sock

High enough to keep debris out, but low enough that it won't cause overheating on warm days.

[Low cut]

If you’re headed south this winter, pack these. “The dense heel and ball cushioning retains its integrity over long miles, and doesn’t mat out like plusher models,” says one tester. The blend of 65 percent merino, 31 percent nylon, and 4 percent spandex provided a snug fit that never lost its shape, even after multiple straight days of use. “I also loved the height,” our tester says.

“It was just right to protect against chafing from my midcut hikers and keep debris out, but low enough that it didn’t cause overheating on warmer days, making it more versatile for year-round use.” $17; 1.9 oz. (w’s M);