Gear Review: Crescent Moon Kid's Snowshoes

Snowshoes built for little feet and short gaits.

[kids ’ pick]

All parents know: When your kids are having fun, so are you. And these snowshoes all but guarantee a good time for your budding snowshoer. The exaggerated teardrop-shape aluminum frame lets kids walk with their natural gait, and reduces the possibility of faceplants (when snowshoe tails overlap).

The two-strap Hypalon binding, which fits up to a size 5 boot, is so simple that our 10-year-old tester could do it himself, which is a huge benefit for mom and dad. At 17 inches long, these snowshoes have plenty of flotation for kids up to 65 pounds to stay atop deep snow, where they by far had the most fun. $80; 2 lbs.; 17 inches;