Gear Review: Costa Fathom Sunglasses with 580P lens

Sunglasses that provide super clarity and eye protection.


Want to see the world in high-def? Put these glasses on. Costa’s 580 lens technology, available now for the first time in impact-resistant polycarbonate, screens out yellow light (580 nanometers on the light spectrum), which is harder for the eye to process than red, blue, and green. The result is razor-sharp color and definition. The polarized gray lens proved versatile for changing light while I was hiking, biking, and paddling. Side vents prevented fogging on sweaty trail runs, and a hydrophobic coating kept the lenses free of water streaks when I was bouncing down rapids on California’s Trinity River.

Best For

Anyone who wants eye protection with superior clarity

Tester Data

> Dennis Lewon

> Duration June-July

> Locales/conditions CA, CO, WY; bright sun, rivers, dappled forest cover