Gear Review: Canon Rebel T3i DSLR

A compact DSLR with an outstanding battery life.

From shooting skiing action in subfreezing Iceland temps to capturing wildflower macros in Colorado’s Gore Range, the T3 delivered extra-sharp, color-rich images across a wide range of environments. “It’s more compact than other DSLRs in its class, and the battery life is impressive. It lasted six days of steady shooting (with little reviewing) without a recharge,” says our editor-in-chief.

Other props: straightforward controls and auto settings, and focusing and spot metering options that let us pop a single columbine out from a jumbled background. The T3’s sensitivity to depth of field and its speedy autofocus allowed us to experiment with shadows and motion—and most importantly, capture action like galloping elk. Favorite feature: the 360-degree swivel screen. “I could frame shots over a cliff without sticking my head over the edge,” says a tester.


SD card


2 lbs. 4.3 oz. (with 18-135mm lens)