Gear Review: Buff Merino Wool

This versatile Buff is soft, warm, breathable, and anti-stink.

Most Versatile
A tester who's a veteran of polar expeditions says this is the most versatile headwear she's found. She packs it for the coldest trips (as well as on ski days in Colorado) because the 100-percent merino wool is soft, breathable, and naturally anti-stink. (Buffs are tubular fabric sleeves that can be worn as a bandana, hat, headband, neck gaiter, and more.)

"In supercold weather," she says, "I pull it over my nose and mouth to warm the air before it enters my body." She also uses it to cover her ears and eyes when sleeping–to block snoring and the Arctic's nonstop summer sun. $27; 1.8 oz.;