Gear Review: Brunton Resync

A wallet-size battery pack


Screen Size (diagonal) 0.25


Juice up this wallet-size battery pack–via wall, car, or computer–and hit the trail with an impressive power supply for your electronics. Plus it’s rechargeable in the field, if you bring a solar panel. Charging times varied from about six hours in a car or at home to all day when I used my own solar panel on a cloudy day at a Washington beach. With one full charge on the Resync, I got a complete refill for my iPad with plenty of power to spare for my juice-gobbling Android phone. Indicator lights track the remaining electricity left in the unit, and an auto-shutoff protects from overcharging. The Resync has integrated mini and micro USB cords for your devices, plus a USB port so you can charge virtually anything. Ding: It’s a tad heftier and pricier than some units (but packs more power).

Electronics-intensive hiking, basecamping, and road trips with limited access to electricity

> Allison Woods (other tester: Ken Masel)
> Duration May to June
> Locales/conditions WA; overcast, wind, rain, and bright sun, 35℉ to 70℉
> “The rubbery, ruggedized unit easily withstood three-foot drops onto rock and fended off light moisture and humidity without a hiccup.”

> Weight 9.6 oz
> Price $168