Gear Review: Brunton Raptor Stove

Few stoves are tougher or more stable than the Brunton Raptor.

Best for Groups

For a few extra ounces, the Raptor delivers superior stability and kick-around-camp construction. Its combination of shortest height and widest stainless-steel wingspan (4.25 inches) makes it the most stable stove we tested. It supported the 10-pound rock one tester used to steady his soup pot against Colorado's wind. The "first time, every time" Piezo lighter made firing it up a cinch. But the Raptor's output flagged in chilly weather. "The stove brought water to a boil in 30°F weather," said one tester, "but not below that." The Raptor also lost points for its small, hotspot-prone burner (about the size of a quarter) and below-average heat output. But testers loved the origami-like folding system that packs down into an indestructible package the size of an avocado.

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