Gear Review: Banks Expedition Fry-Bake Pan

Fry-Bake Pan
Price $73.00


Weight 1 oz



“True backcountry foodies deserve a pan built for serious cheffing, like the Fry-Bake. Using this 9.5-inch, spun-aluminum, thick-bottomed, hard-anodized pan (which is standard issue on NOLS trips), I whipped up delicious Trout Amandine in minutes. The domed lid (included) allows the pan to work like a mini-convection oven, so I could produce perfect biscuits even on a small canister stove. In areas that allow campfires, I slip the Fry-Bake into the hot coals and shovel a few onto the lid for Dutch oven-style cooking. Cleanup is easy: A five-minute soak and a twirl of a green scrubbie (there is no non-stick coating so you don’t have to baby this pan) dispatched all leftover food bits. Save 4 ounces by swapping out the included pot lifter with your multitool’s pliers.”$73; 2 lbs. 1 oz.;

Best for

Backcountry foodies, car campers, and fishermen

Tester Data

Allison Woods

When June to Sept.

Where WA

“The wide base, 2-inch-deep vertical sides, and even heat distribution combine to make it a good choice for rice dishes or stews.”