Gear Review: Austri Alpin SI-KO FX Ice Climbing Screw

These screws cost half as much as comparable models but still grind into bulletproof ice with ease.

The stiletto-sharp steel teeth on these Austrian-made screws make them easy to start into bulletproof ice. “And with the oversized handle,” one tester says, “it was a snap to twist them into the hilt on the icy walls of Loch Vale Gorge in Rocky Mountain National Park.”

That handle adds weight and bulk compared to other screws, and sometimes you have to clear more ice to make room as you crank it all the way in. But the screws nest nicely against each other so they’re not too cumbersome for carrying on your rack, and Austri Alpin’s aggressive pricing means the Si-Ko FX costs half as much as comparable screws.


5.5 oz. (17cm); 12cm, 17cm, 21cm