Gear Review: Aquamira Water Bottle and Filter

Hate hoses? This bottle/filter combo is perfect for ultralighters in wet places


Here in the Southeast, I typically hit running water every four to six miles. So I’ve slashed nearly three pounds of water weight (a full two-liter bladder) with this dip-and-go system. Just unscrew the wide-mouth lid, fill up in a stream, reattach the cap, and slurp through the push/pull valve. The water runs through a filter element that removes Giardia, cryptosporidium, and other contaminants. One filter treats up to 230 fills, and a plastic flip cap protects the mouthpiece from getting gritty. Bummer: With silty water, you have to suck really hard.

Best For

Light-and-fast solo hikers who travel through terrain with plentiful watering holes; people who prefer bottles over bladder/hose systems

Tester Data

> Bobby Trotter

> Tested for 3+ years

> “If I’m hiking in a place where I’m concerned about viruses like Norwalk, I just add Aquamira drops to the bottle.”


>6.5 oz.