Gear Review: Adventure Appetites Basil Pistachio Penne

This rich pasta from Adventure Appetites combines many exciting flavors - smoked salmon, black olives, and sun dried tomatoes to name a few - into one satisfying backcountry dish.
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This Mediterranean-inspired pasta dish is loaded with goodies—basil- and pistachio-infused butter, smoked salmon, sun-dried tomatoes, and black olives—creating a rich dish that one tester called “a party on my palate and the best meal of the trip.” Prep requires two pots and about 30 minutes, but testers say the extra effort is worthwhile.

The herby butter, combined with included white wine and Parmesan cheese, made a creamy sauce that coated the penne uniformly and distributed the flavor of flaky chunks of omega-3-rich salmon. At 47 grams of fat and 104 grams of carbs, this meal will fuel you for big days afield. Mitigate greasy cleanup by eating straight from the cookpot. $21 (2 serving); 13.4 oz. (mfr. weight);

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