Gear Review: Adidas Terrex Pro Sunglasses

Fog-free full-coverage eye protection

The challenge: provide full-coverage eye protection without trapping moisture that creates a veil of fog. The solution: Adidas’s ClimaCool system, which features a vented, foam-lined, removable inner frame (like goggles, but more streamlined) that allows warm air to escape.

Testers ice-climbed, ski-toured, and even ran in them, but the Terrex Pro never, ever fogged. “They hit a sweet spot between normal sunglasses, which aren’t great in wind and snow glare, and full-on goggles, which are bulky and often fog up,” says one tester. Color and clarity are sharp and distortion-free, due to the de-centered lenses (the optical center is curved to eliminate distortion at the edges).

Standout features: A detachable nose cover clips in across the bridge and provides full sun coverage without touching your beak (most aftermarket nose guards sag and chafe). The siliconized head strap secured them while our testers climbed in rip-your-hat-off winds. The frame pivots at the temple for a custom fit (three settings span an 8-degree range). And flying ice barely scratched the supertough polycarbonate lenses.

Downside: price.


1.6 oz.