Gear Review: 180s Ultralite Gloves

Finally, a glove designed specifically for the text compulsive backpacker

Best for Texting
If you can't rip yourself away from your iPhone for even a minute, you have our deepest sympathies. And we hope you have these gloves, too. Made of a polyester/nylon/spandex blend with a smooth outer surface and a brushed inner fabric, these are perfect for any highly aerobic activity, from hiking to snowshoeing to running to XC skiing. The key feature?

Small metalicized discs on each forefinger and thumb allow you to work the touch screen on your smart phone or iPod without exposing your digits. The stretchy fabric fits great, and the smooth seams don't feel bulky between your fingers. Bonus: Snot spots–little towel-like patches–cover the back of each thumb. $20; 1.6 oz.;