Gear Reivew: Packit Gourmet Pizza Margherita Wrap

This pizza-inspired flavor-packed filling from Packit Gourmet will become whatever you make it.
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This pizza-inspired meal—not exactly a slice, not exactly a wrap, and not exactly a quesadilla—was a hit with testers who described it as a “lip-smacking way to finish a long day.” The pizza-wrap’s main attraction is a gooey mozzarella spread spiked with hints of basil, slices of black olive, and chunks of tomato that preps with cold water and folds into a (BYO) tortilla.

“The flavors are distinct and, while it’s tasty cold, I loved this meal hot, melted-quesadilla style,” says one tester who reports that a single serving, with 24 grams of fat and 58 grams of protein, is enough for a late-night snack for two hungry hikers. Tip: Freeze-dried cheese won’t melt unless completely rehydrated. Add a splash of water if there’s an iota of crunch. $9 (1 serving); 6 oz.;

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