Gear of the Week: Black Diamond Rhythm Tee

This stretchy merino top will never hold you back on the trail.
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Black Diamond Rhythm Tee

Our take You've heard it all before: Great temperature regulation, soft feel, anti-odor. That's what merino wool does. But the Rhythm adds something more: Its merino yarn is wrapped around a nylon core, giving it more stretch than any other wool shirt we've worn. “It's great for paddling, climbing, or just reaching for holds on steep trails,” one tester says. “But it also kept its shape when I wore it for four days straight, and never bagged out.” The nylon core also adds durability, and we haven't seen any major pilling or snags over five months of testing. Tradeoff: price.

Trail cred “From the sweltering heat of the Everglades in Florida to winter conditions in Nepal’s Nar Phu Valley, this shirt’s ability to wick sweat on the hottest days, but keep the heat on the chilliest ones, meant I almost never took it off,” one tester says. Buy the Black Diamond Rhythm Tee Now

2.4 oz. (m's M); m's XS-XL, w's XS-XL