Gear Guide 2012: Switch Tioga Sunglasses

Interchangeable lens glasses that both sturdy and easy-to-use

Most full-rim, interchangeable sunglasses make switching lenses a chore, but the Tioga requires no wrestling. “The lenses pop out (and back in again) with a smooth, easy motion, like a fine switchblade,” says our tester. But thankfully, they also stay put during wear. Credit the tiny yet powerful magnets embedded into the nosepiece and temples, which secured the lenses while our tester hiked windy tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park. The optics are sharp enough to let our tester also distinguish hazardous mud pits while blasting down singletrack near Winter Park, Colorado.

And a sticky nosepiece (which is rubberized across the bridge of the nose, not just on the sides) kept it from sliding down our tester’s schnoz while she was creeping through ovenlike slots in Canyonlands National Park. The relatively thin stems felt comfortable—not pinchy or clunky—after hours of wear, and the polarization eliminates glare, allowing our tester to cross snowfields without eyestrain. When clouds thickened, she popped in the rose amber tint and enjoyed heightened contrast. $149; 1 oz.;