Gear Guide 2012: Petzl Xion 10.1 Climbing Rope

Deemed a 'go-to workhorse rope' by the editors of Climbing Magazine

The editors at our sister magazine, Climbing, deemed this all-purpose cord their “go-to workhorse rope” after using it for everything from top-roping vertical pitches in Boulder Canyon to leading overhanging sport routes on Colorado’s Shelf Road. Why? Despite its stout 10.1-mm diameter (which adds strength and durability), it handles easily and is very flexible. Other ropes of this size felt stiffer and a bit more unruly. “This is the perfect rope for a beginning climber who wants to try a little bit of everything and have one rope to do it all,” says Climbing’s gear editor. Nice touch: The rope comes from the shop ready to flake out—no specialized uncoiling or tedious untangling required. $199; 8 lbs. 11 oz. (60m);