Gear Guide 2012: NRS HydroLock Dry Bag

A giant roll-top and zip-top dry bag in one

Sacks in this series are a giant roll-top and zip-top in one. Most drybags employ a simple roll-down- and-buckle closure that can leak if you roll it wrong or load it too full. But this foolproof bag also has an interior zipper-type seal for an added layer of protection. Plus, it makes it harder to overload; if you can’t fasten the HydroLock seal, you’re carrying one too many pairs of socks. Made with a light-and-tough 70-denier urethane-coated nylon, the bag’s “smooth surface makes stowing it into tight hatches easy,” reports one tester who took it island-hopping in the Caribbean. Bonus: A clear window lets you find the toilet paper in a hurry. Available in four sizes (6, 10, 22, and 38 liters). $22 to $43; 4.2 oz. to 9.6 oz.;