Gear Guide 2012: More Tester Picks - Summer Sleeping Bags

These bags are ideal for summer backpacking trips, each offering lightweight comfort for warmer temps.

Deuter Dreamlite 500

This bargain synthetic bag is compressible down to the size of a liter bottle, thanks to Polydown, a short-staple polyester insulation. A long zipper makes venting easy, and the cinchable hood and puffy draft tube make it cozy to its moderate rating. $95; 1 lb. 5 oz.; 50°F;

GoLite Adrenaline 1+ Season 

Like to spend some extra time in your bag in the morning? Try out the center-zip design of this 800-fill down sack. “I liked being able to sit up and still do my morning routine without getting out of my toasty bag,” says a tester. “Plus, I’m a side sleeper, and I appreciated not having any zippers digging into my shoulders and hips.” Heads up: Cut is on the trim side. $280; 1 lb. 8 oz.; 40°F;

Jacks ‘R’ Better Sierra Stealth

Wear it or sleep in it. This ultralight, 800-fill down quilt has a hole in the middle so you can wear it like a poncho around camp (leave the puffy behind), or cinch up the foot area and use it as a more traditional mummy-style sack. “This is the Swiss Army knife of sleeping bags,” says our tester. $210; 1 lb.; 40°F;

Stoic Somnus 30

If you’re a broad-shouldered cold sleeper, check out this 850-fill down bag: It’s a wide 66 inches at the shoulders, but the bottom tapers down like a traditional mummy for maximum thermal efficiency. “Even on damp, near-freezing nights, I found myself stripping down to boxers after just a few minutes,” says one Alaska tester. Bonus: The zippered footbox pocket holds a hot water bottle to keep toes toasty. $299; 1 lb. 4 oz.; 30°F;