Gear Guide 2012: Adventure Travel Gear

A duffel, shirt, and water purification system that make the life of an adventure traveler that much safer and easier.


The Victorinox CH-97 2.0 Explorer is like a lot of big-trip rollers, long enough for an ice axe and easily accessed via a long U-zip, but our tester became a fan because of what it lacks: an extendable handle. Just grab the end strap and go. That saves breakable parts (no sliding hardware), and having your hand closer to the load enhances stability. $280; 10 lbs. 4 oz.;

[Water Treatment]

One of our veteran staff travelers loves the CamelBak All Clear UV Water Purification System because it’s fast (60 seconds for a liter), integrated (just pack the bottle, there’s nothing to lose), rechargeable via USB (no hunting for batteries in Kashmir), and lets you unobtrusively purify water in the bottle when you’re in Third World restaurants or filling up from your new friend’s suspect well. $99; 7 oz.;


“Plane to trail to pub, Helly Hansen’s Odin Series LIFA Long Sleeve is ultraversatile,” says an editor who racked up 30,000 air miles last year. “The stretchy fabric was comfortable on 10-hour flights, the fast-wicking mesh back kept me cool on summer backpacking trips, and the close fit and snappy styling didn’t make me look like Safari Guy when eating out in Reykjavik.” $90 (also in short-sleeve, $75); 12 oz. (M);