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First Look: VECTIV™ Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT™

The VECTIV™ Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT™ is a new mid boot from The North Face, featuring the VECTIV™ propulsion technology that makes up the backbone of their cutting-edge new line of trail shoes.


Tech: Cordura®, FUTURELIGHT™, OrthoLite®, Surface Control™, VECTIV™


14.67 oz



The VECTIV™ tech here incorporates a 3D TPU plate for stability, coupled with a specially engineered rocker-style midsole for forward propulsion.

With most of its family in the lightweight trail shoe category, the Exploris Mid builds off of that heritage. It sports an extremely light, breathable build for a mid boot, while still managing to include that extra ankle support and stability we like to see for backpacking trips and day hikes on more rugged trails.

The tech on the Exploris reads like a laundry-list of futuristic design, but the standout feature here is the stability and propulsion that the VECTIV™ tech brings to the table. The TPU plate underfoot is custom-made to provide an unprecedented level of responsive support and stability in all directions, while the rocker midsole construction offers a boost in forward momentum with every step. You won’t find any other boot with similar tech on the market.

The short of it is the VECTIV™ Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT™ is among the more breathable and lightweight mid boots around, and is still stout enough to tackle everything from 14er scrambles to fast-moving multi-day expeditions. Most importantly, however, it does all this while offering the unique propulsion of the VECTIV™ shoe line.

This is a piece of footwear that protects and supports like a boot, but wears like a trail shoe.

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