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If there are no trees to hang a bear bag, what is alternative food storage option?


We're an experienced group of backpackers/fly fishermen here in Colorado. We will be camping in tundra this summer and we were wondering about our food bags. Since there are no trees to hang the food, what are our options? Thank you.

Submitted by - Ron, Littleton, CO


The best solution is to invest in–or rent–bear canisters, those hard, round, plastic containers that even Yogi can't figure out how to open. Bear cans can be kind of a pain to pack in your backpack and they add up to 3 pounds to your load. But aside from the peace of mind they offer, there's another upside: they make great campstools. They come in different sizes, with different types of closures, and there are three major brands to consider: Counter Assault, Garcia, and Bear Vault. In our experience, they all work, but the Bear Vault is clear so you can find what you need with minimal digging.