Five Tips for Gear Shopping With Your Dog

How to make your pup's store visit an easy one.
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1. Scout the location

Most outdoor stores do allow dogs, but be sure to call and check before you go in for a visit with your pooch. Occasionally, retail establishments might not allow dogs because food is served. It never hurts to ask, though: A store with a no-dog rule might make an exception if you're trying out doggie backpacks, a harness, or another piece of dog gear.

2. Have treats handy

Bring a snack bag. A few morsels go a long way toward keeping dogs on their best behavior.   

3. Be in control

Take a leash. You know your pooch is a good dog, but management, patrons, and law enforcement might not appreciate him roaming free.

4. Prep beforehand

Research products ahead of time, create a plan, and know what you want your furry friend to try on. It will make the entire experience smoother.

5. Get in, get out

Don’t leisure shop or browse. Dogs have limited patience, too. They’ll get bored or start entertaining themselves in interesting ways—which a shop owner might not find amusing.