Exped SynMat TT 9 M


Comfort 4.0
This pad has eight individually-inflating vertical baffles, allowing testers to easily dial in custom firmness with separate valves for each. At 20.5 inches wide it’s slightly larger than standard regular-size pads, and the vertical sidewalls make it seem even wider.

Warmth 4.8
With an R-value of 6.0, thanks to the addition of microfiber insulation spread evenly among the six tubes, the pad let our tester bivy comfortably on a subzero night outside of Denali National Park.

Packability 2.0
This beast is built for warmth and durability, and only compresses down to the size of a basketball.

Inflation 3.7
Setup takes a couple minutes with the included inflation sack. Bonus: if one of the chambers springs a leak, you can replace it with a new baffle (contact Exped).

Overall 3.6