Exped SynMat HyperLite

This sleeping pad offers big-time warmth but packs down almost as small as a beer can.
SynMat HyperLite Sleeping Pad
Price $169.00


Length (inches) 72


Thickness (inches) 2.5


The secret to the pad’s impressive warmth-to-packability ratio is a reduction in the insulation density combined with a sharp taper from the hips (20.5 inches) to the feet (just 13 inches). The narrow foot dimensions make it easy to inflate (because it has less overall volume), but the restless sleepers among us had trouble keeping their legs on the pad.


Exped affixes the insulation to both the top and bottom of the shell, which maximizes loft and R-value. We stayed comfortable down to 28°F in Banff National Park while camping on snow. Want the warmth but need a bigger cut? There’s also a long and wide version that weighs about 4 ounces more and costs an extra $20.