Exped Synmat Hyperlight Duo

Say goodbye to the gap with the best couples’ sleeping pad for backpackers.
Synmat Hyperlight Duo
Price $279.00


Length (inches) 72
Thickness (inches) 3


Closed Cell

Photo Credit: Caveman Collective

“I’ve spent years trying to avoid the cold, hard divide that inevitably opens between my pad and my husband’s,” one editor says. “This is the first solution that truly works for weight-conscious backpackers—we actually have less to carry, not more.”

The mummy-shaped Duo is 41 inches wide, making it plenty spacious for couples; even friends with separate bags slept on it and reported feeling no closer than when sharing a typical two-person tent. Two separate chambers of vertical baffles and corresponding valves mean each sleeper can customize firmness and move around without disturbing the other.

It’s a luxurious 2.8 inches thick, but still as light and compact when packed (Nalgene-size) as many one-person pads, so whoever hauled the Duo never complained. With an R-value of 3.3, it helped us stay warm down to freezing temps in northern Maine. Our only gripes: The waterproof inflation bag/stuffsack (recommended for efficiency) costs an extra $39, and quick deflation takes practice. $72 x 41.3 x 2.8 inches (packed size is 6.9 x 5.1)