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Exotac nanoSPARK

This fire starter is the full package.
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exotac fire starter

Exotact nanoSPARK fire starter

This firestarter offers a complete package that’s unique for its class: In a housing smaller than your pinky, the nanoSPARK packs both a flint wheel with a 500-strike capacity and a storage compartment for five included tinder tabs. The wheel works like a standard lighter: Simply spin it with your thumb and sparks leap onto your target. “The storage compartment is waterproof, which gave me peace of mind on outings in nasty conditions,” our tester says. Over the course of a dozen trips in Colorado and New Mexico, he found the nanoSPARK easy to operate, even one-handed—the handle is thick enough for a solid grip—and reliable for lighting fires even in wet weather. 

$27; 0.6 oz.