ExOfficio BugsAway Sol Cool Ampario Convertible Pants

Protective pants
BugsAway Sol Cool Ampario Convertible Pants


Weight 12 oz


Bug season is usually hot, making these ultralightweight trousers our top pick. They use Insect Shield like the Craghoppers shirt, and their impressively breathable nylon fabric kept us from boiling over on Georgia’s Benton MacKaye Trail in 80°F temps. They also kept us bite-free on hikes across the South. Zips on the calf add venting, six pockets tote everything from snacks to maps, and when the swarms subside you can zip off the bottom half to create 8.5-inch-inseam shorts (9.5-inch on the women’s). $115; 11.3 oz. (m’s 32); m’s 30-42, w’s 0-16