Evolv Cruzer

Sticky climbing rubber and an EVA midsole make this shoe at home on the crag or trail.

Sticky climbing rubber and an EVA midsole make this shoe at home on the crag or trail. Thanks to its microfiber-lined canvas upper, so cushioning along the top of the foot, and a thin memory foam insole, the Cruzer—like a rock shoe— is comfortable sockless. We liked the low-drop, minimalist feel: They’re comfortable as camp shoes (the heels fold down so you can wear them as slides), but we can climb in them, too. Smooth toe edges grip tiny ledges and smear on slabs. The sticky rubber outsole helped us crush up to 5.9 routes. Caveat: Shoes this light don’t last forever. We noticed some worn seams and peeling toe rubber after three months of near-constant wear. $75; 15 oz.; m’s 7-14; evolvsports.com