Eureka! Summer Pass 3

Best for families


Weight 6 lbs


Our take At just $90 per sleeper, this double-wall offers a lot of space for the price. The above-average 42.8-square-foot floor is plenty for three adults (and a baby), and the 44-inch peak height allows even tall folks to sit up. Two doors and vestibules (one is 14.2 square feet, the other is 9.5) stashed all the necessary gear and made entry and exit a breeze. “I’m 6’4” and had no issues crawling in and out,” said one tester after a night in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.

The details The Summer Pass has light, off-brand aluminum poles and stakes to cut price, but they’re a bit flimsy. We recommend upgrading the stakes to something stronger and being careful with the poles. The pitch stayed taut in moderate wind and rain outside Gunnison, Colorado, and the tent packs down to the size of two footballs placed end to end.

Trail cred “The pitch couldn’t be easier thanks to color-coded corners and a simple hub system,” says our Colorado team. “Even my 4-year-old had no problem helping out.”