Eton Microlink FR150 Weather Radio

Solar panels and hand crank keep Eton Microlink FR150 weather radio going and going.

Weather Radio

Eton Microlink FR150

On long, remote expeditions and big mountains, a weather radio can save you a lot of guesswork and minimize risk. But not if the batteries die on you. Not to worry with the FR150. You can resurrect the internal NiMH batteries from the grave with the hand crank or let the sun zap the top mounted solar panel. It's a seven channel NOAA weather band, which picks up region specific reports. It also has a three LED flashlight and can power your cell phone, GPS or small camera battery. No cords included, so bring your own mini USB cord. A headphone jack lets your tentmate listen when you don't want to. $30; 7 oz.; 5"x2"x2";